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Can you post Sal's song about marriage they played on thursday May 18th. Im almost positive they played it that day. thanks dude


Dude you are the fucking man.. ive spent years looking for howard bits!! cant wait for the update... arividerci cocksucka!


I'm sure you've had this request already, but I'd love to get Sal's "Photograph" parody. Thanks alot. and great site.


Backside Boys Acoustic from 5/18


we didn't start the fire ryley martin and i want cock twisted sister pat obrien parody on may 18


you should try to get the new riley martin songs, crazy alice pranks and the public access pranks


How about the new crazy alice tune ? "Chicken bone neck cocksucking jew".......THANX


I want to hear the crazy Alice rap song


crazy alice doing bubbas rap song


How about sal's parody song to "photograph"


hi, is there a way to retrieve the audio from a howard show? the show was more then a few years back. howards guests were the those guys who drilled holes in their heads and howard asked them" have u ever had your balls nailed to a barnyard door ?", this was one of the funniest comments i have ever heard howard make. thks, jeff


Do you have the music that Fred plays when Eric the Midget calls (or when Howard imitates him)? It's like some old horror film soundtrack... very funny in context.


Hi - I have never asked for a request before, but I have one now. Could you put up "The Retard Show" where Gary and Wendy answer a question for a listener about diarrhea on her period? OMG I almost wrecked my car laughing when they were calling each other retards. From Howard's site, it looks like it originally aired on 2/23/2006. I heard it in replay several times and laughed like it was the first time. Thank you for considering this...!


sup dude... you ever find that richard christy barf sound effect?? thanks for the awesome shit you been posting! -jeff in cali


the new song parodies with riley martin and crazy alice. those are hilarious!


The crazy alice rap song! Please!


Riley Martin rap


the acoustic version of 'backside's back' from 5/18 is a must have!!!!


can you post the comdian the big earthquake that Howard plays on his show.especially the one about him try to kill his bebes momma. please thanx


Thursday May 18 6:40ish am they play like 5 wicked funny bits in a row, riley martin songs, crazy alice song, the retard show, etc... send me that asap man im on your myspace from boston area


Great site bro...can you get the Nickelback parody song on. She's my wife, no sex life!


Oh yeah, and Crazy Alice over Bubba's terrible rap song... That would be killer!


How about Ronnie's "Let's fuck some whores!" the new Riley Martin songs- we didn't start the fire, my name is... Anything Riley Martin. You're doing awesome work. Thanks!!!


elliot offen!!!!!!!!


elliot offen!!!!!!!!


elliot offen!!!!!!!!


elliot offen!!!!!!!!


elliot offen!!!!!!!!


elliot offen!!!!!!!!


elliot offen!!!!!!!!


elliot offen!!!!!!!!


elliot offen!!!!!!!!


Mark the bagger!!!!! plzzzzz get mark the bagger prank phone call and sound clip "yes"


Jeff, this is is great. i have it book marked and check it almost daily. I'm sure I am not the only one asking but can you please post the "My name is Riley Martin" rap song and the Crazy Alice rap? Thanks in advance. Pat


the song with crazy alice rapping over the bubba the love sponge rap is the funniest thing i have ever heard. please post it when you can


lol dude today in the begin...of the show... new crazy alice rap song... lol later dude donley


can you get the Riley Martin parody of eminem's song "My name is"


crazy alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-15-06


crazy alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-15-06


crazy alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-15-06


crazy alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-15-06


crazy alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-15-06


CRAZY ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dude if you can..give us more crazy alice.....danny..old blackoj


Hey Jeff If you can put up the Hi My Name Is...Riley Martin parody of that Eminem song and the new crazy Alice spinoff of Bubba's rap song I'd really appreciate it. Take it easy


Crazy Alice segments from 5/16/06... in the last hour of the show, Howard played Crazy Alice stuff, then later Crazy Alice called in... Everything Crazy Alice related in the last hour would be great, especially Artie mocking her... Thanks!


Hey im the one who e-mailed you about the baba booey song that sal used in the clip of 4. Dont know if you found the actual name of the song. Anyways, I wanted to see if you had the artie vending machine song, ronnie mr sandmand song, howards tribute to george takei. Thanks.


tj's tires- /tommy lasorda


At 7:15am they played"My name is Riley Martin"if you could post this it would be great. Thanks Bob


more mark the bagger and crazy alice


man your site is great. can you post those arite and dana songs (jersey girl and that other one)


Request: My Niggas song, played at the start of the show on Friday, May 12th. Thank you. Ravi Annam Vero Beach FL


Dude,I liked the old site I had some sounds you used to have What happened to them?!!


GREAT SITE! How about some Riley Martin sound clips? I'd love them!


artie's been dumped by a jersey girl


You probably get this all the time but can u get "My Radio Niggas" the parody of the DMX song and Ronnie saying "Fuck this place! Fuck some Whores!!!!" up here? Your site is awesome...keep up the good work. Balloon Knot


hey get the baba booey song that is a parody of the final countdown. that shit is funny


The Robin's bunghole parody song is cut short, the funniest part isn't even played on this chopped version... Please post the whole thing if you can!


on 4/8/06 they played some artie songs from stuff that people sent in. i think it was called artie took a load on his chest


ryley martin please!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Riley martin clips please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm looking for a clip of Howard saying "Hey Now". Do you have any? I'll look back in a few days to see if it has been posted. Thanks!


Do you have any of Artie's "Waaaaaaaaa" clips?




new song prod---- on todays show... alot donley


crazy alice!!!!


This is great. Thanks. If you can would you post the Psychic Friends In The Hood bit. they used to play it as a bumper, and it's been ages since I've heard it. In any case, thanks!


I need the SCOTTTTTT wav Please


I really enjoyed hearing the funny audio clips and song clips. I would love to see clips of Artie impersonating Dice Clay. Thanks so much for creating this site!! Ravi Annam Vero Beach FL


dude rock on the fucking good work...hey now.... later dude DONLEY


"Now, uhhhhhh..." - riley martin, author of the book The Coming of Tan... hahaha


hey any riley martin stuff???


Hey, do you have the song parody contest entries? I'm looking for the one about gary's teeth set to Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful". - Joe (truckie455@yahoo.com)


this page is EVERYTHING i was searching for on howard... you are fucking awsome for creating this keep it up dude


Dude, what a site, passed it on to a ton of friends who are stern fans. I gotta hear------- "EXCUSE ME?"------- clip, it would be nice.


Do you have the phony phone calls where they used clips of when artie called in sick to call this one guy? this was back at krock. Soo hilarious if you can post it!!!! Thanks dude! keep up the good work!


can you post I'm a Fake Cowboy


thanks bro!!!keep them coming


can you post the cracy alice bit from today 5/3/06 that was mixed with the having a bad day song


Dude can you tell me how to get info or a copy of the country western song Fred plays it goes "I wanna stick a ............in yer ass.' i'm trying to get a copy for a firemans retirement party to sing and play guitar to, i have no more info sorry mule@snet.net


Awesome, Awesome Stuff....Really love the site. Any chance the KC, Staind Beetle & Booey songs can be in WAV or MP# format?


Does anyone have the Song Parody about Robin Givens from a song sang from Limp Bizkit called Robin i want to know what its like????


Thanks my man, you kick ass! J.B.


Hey what's going on man? Great site, I'm laughing my ass off! Hey, I've been looking everywhere for the 2nd retarded flu call Sal and Richard made to Gary where they have him speaking Spanish. I can only find the original, do you have it on here by chance? If not, could you post it? Thanks bro, keep up the good work! JB


ronnie's quotes "lets fuck some whores"


can you put up some of thos gary garber interviews with celebrities?


more mark the bagger!!


What happened to the Evil Dave calls Reilly Martin bit? That was absolutely hilarious! It was one of the best bits on the site.


Do you have anymore of artie impersonating frank torian


Please - any of the Mike Walker fart parodies. They are hysterical.


During the 4/24 or 4/25 show, about 25-30 minutes in, they played Crazy Alice clips and then they made fun of her. Artie was doing most of the Crazy Alice impersonations. It was hilarious. Any chance that you could post it?


you should get some of the shorter clips... hey-ooooooo (howard) Fiiire (artie) Shock some puss Thanks


you shoulod get the full mike walker walk this way fartin song


amazing stuff....do you have any of the evil dave clips? there was a great one with him and heidi cortez....


could you post the bit that Ned from the Bubba show did for Ronnie's roast


http://www.myspace.com/markdel16 Great site!


what happend to all the previose things, such as the george takai in a gay porn thing?


great work keep it going


dude you absolutly have to put up the Sal's a homo song


If you have the Robin's Bunghole song (Welcome to the Jungle parody) played before her news on the 4/26 show please put it up.


Jeff, I know its illegal to post probably but do you have the Dice interview from this morning? Its was frigging great "Cher the last Puritan" holy shit that was funny. Gary


Can you post some of the tazer sounds effects?




dirty stinking niggers


Dude, great site! I was wondering if you could post a clip of Artie's impression of crazy Alice, and/or a call of hers where she completely rips Robin and spews mad racist comments, and then says hi to Richard. Thanks


I'm on MySpace... http://www.myspace.com/shanny2d Great site you have ;)








excellent website..thanx man


can you post god help us jesus god and baby jesus help us if possible thank you


jjmitch21 And add me to your myspace Get some High Pitch, Gary the Tard or Eric the Midget - if you can, please. (Josh in Daytona)


Hey I was wondering if you knew what the last song was on the 4 brand new babbabooey songs.




Good stuff.


Dude....awesome you put the carver roast up for download.....I didnt get to listen that day. Thanks a LOT!!! Do you have any of the other roasts available? Are you planning on putting all the future roasts up for download as well? Great site man....keep up the good work.


I just wanted to tell you that your site is great!! I have been sitting here listening to stuff and laughing my ass off for the last hour!! Sandy


hey now. i like the page...any plans for soundboards using some of the clips???? check me out on myspace http://www.myspace.com/evenstevo


hey now. i like the page...any plans for soundboards using some of the clips???? check me out on myspace http://www.myspace.com/evenstevo


Do you have the funny soundclips of George Tekai, Richard Simmons, Clinton, Dr. Phil, Clay Aiken, etc. ? Myspace nas23 Thanks man, awesome work.


thanks so much for all the sounds. espically(sp) the gay spank sound. that is so funny i fall over laughing every time. your my boy


This is the best site I've found all year. You need to post the Chili Peppers parody they played on loop before Howard went live on 1.09.06. It may have been something Ned from Bubba's show did. "Drugs I've done, Pills I've popped. The Daily buzz, no way can't stop" were some of the lyrics...keep up the good work!


myspace.com/dividedsky2001 nice site! lovin the clips! peace


Please post any or all of the Mike Walker farting songs that are played by Howard. They are usually played on Fridays right before or during the gossip game.


the andrew dice clay rap would be cool. too bad we cant get the whole thing. peace


Ronnie Mund Cursemaster Junior


we need lots more baba booey songs


hey dude your site rocks...add me on myspace www.myspace.com/shakelly


4-18-06 Keep up the EXCELLENT work bro...I am with you, anyone that can't afford $.43/day for the greatest entertainment EVER is a complete idiot! Can you please get the "Fred song" (Fred, Fred, Fred he's a Fred he's wonderful Fred) and the Sal Homo Song (Sal's a Mo..a HO-MO) Thanks for emailing me the Takei/Arnlod prank, I LOVE IT!!! Peace out bro hittman@optonline.net






The Bit I think you should put on is long, but it is a classic: The story of when Robin was jogging and crapped her pants. Great site!


Hey man, keep up the great work!! Can you get the crazy alice voicemails from a couple weeks ago? The ones where she busts on Artie and Robin.... Thanks!


hey, can you get the DeNiro call to the Mexican restaurant as Jack Walsh?


Great site! Do you have any more bits with john the stutterer? He cracks me up everytime. Thanks again. Ash


titanic booey song please


I have Sirus, However I would like to here the Riley Martin & Dave Letterman bit again, How can I do that, Is it for sale some place on the web?


Great site. I have a weird request: a recording of Carol Alt's appearance on 3-18-05 where she argued with Fred. If you don't have it, any thoughts on where I could find it? Thanks for your help, http://myspace.com/brettsinger


There is one sound clip, probably 3 weeks ago, its "holy shit" sung to a church kinda thing.


www.myspace.com/mynameishaggard RBFxJMH


www.myspace.com/haddonfield1031 Thanks!


Dude, this is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for these. Do you happen to have the Boey White Room song? "He's a monkey..."






Hey! Thank God for your website. I have been able to share "God Bless Rednecks" with friends around the globe. The question is.... do you have any Blue Iris Tissue Time stuff? I know these were extensive broadcasts (and she did MORE last week while at Sirius), so maybe you can find out when they will be aired. Thanks! P.S. I'm wearing a negligee!


the new blue iris call to the mechanic, please.




myspace.com/amdnj Great work on the site man, i can sit here for hours listening to this shit.


04/10/06 - Is there anyway that you can post the time Howard plays the Mike Walker fart with the baseball theme and the Adams Family? It is great because Artie can't stop laughing.


Clip Request: Blue Iris call to the car repair shop about losing her teeth in the radiator. Date aired - 4-7-06


The new Blue Iris call with the car repair man from today. April 7 Friday I heard it towards the end when Jeff the drunk was there.


hey dude whats up, can u add "i love those niggas, my nigga please" it is so funny pls add that


what ever you do, NO BLUE IRIS ON THE SYBIAN




today 4/6/06 near the end of the show Howard called himself an asshole and fred started to play a song called "I'm an asshole" he played just a quick part.would love it if you could post the entire song thanks Bob




I have a MySpace. I'm King of All Losers on there (case sensitive). I also post on the Howard 100 Group there sometimes.


dude you got to get that robin laugh and that artie ""theeeyytheeyythu"


how ya doin ballbag? mark the bagger phone call please lol.




those baba booey songs from today were great.


between robin's thighs. 04-03-06


Howard played a bunch of Baba booey songs today(4-4-06)at 9:11am.If possible please post. Bob


GREAT site, awesome! Any change of getting some Marc The Bagger up? "Yes" or any of his phone calls. Todays call to the muffler shop was great.


Can you please post the bit where Wood Yee calls the mechanic shop...from K Rock...thanx


www.myspace.com/saxuitar love your site dude!


2 of them, gary the retard vs wendy the retard and mark the bagger calling high pitch


hey dude thanks for the fuck you/bullshit clips. i have been putting them to good use. here's a challenge for you... think you can get ahold of a good version of the richard christy barfing sound from when he had to eat the egg salad off that chick's feet? the one fred plays anytime someone mentions vomiting or anything really nasty. i need that sound to play when i see an ugly chick walking by. heres my myspace www.myspace.com/oakley


I have news for you thats pretty groundbreaking - Evil Dave Letterman is comedian Robert Schimmel.




myspace: mcmattucf@bellsouth.net


myspace: mcmattucf@bellsouth.net


hey whats up man? You do a awesome job on this site, ive had hours of entertainment from it. Thanks, its greatly appreciated!!! By the way im on myspace also so look me up up sometime. Randall Stephens or http://www.myspace.com/ran420step


please put up the jack mehoffer call that sal did to the old lady


please post the Mike Walker fart with all the song paradies! The F'n funniest!!!!


Can you post the billy joel baba booey song becasue the clip ends when it come up on the link you have now thx


how about the evil dave call to reilly martin


dude why did you take the elliot offen link off!!?? that thing was great!


i was wondering if you can put up the interview howard did with jackie on the day before the last show (12-15?) thanx.


thanks for the clips, cool site! myspace: myspace.com/jmetzner


Evil Dave Letterman prank call to Riley Martin.


thanks man this clip is hilarious


dude now it goes to sendspace haha. i appreciate your dedication to this site by the way


lol yeah i heard that like 2 months ago... fucking grippen the cock like a triger... i mean fuck... but you'l laugh but use vagasil... trust me it works wonders later....donley


Crazy ass elliot offen link still aint fixed man.




awesome work.....danny


Hey man elliot offen link aint workin


aloe vera baby... you may be out of commission for a while. .billy


yo dude the site is awesome and since howard isn't streaming on line yet, im on here all morning and it gets me through my miserable day. congrats on the hand job, wish i could get one. put some neosporin on that. anyway you can put the richard christy playgirl phone call to KC....Rod Stiffington. thanks man.. Jeff


You gotta fix the eilliot offen link its goin to the megaupload page


artie's favorite things song


can you post the mike walker fart song parodies?


I was wondering if you could upload (or email) a clip of Mike Walker laughing ("Ah-hah, whoa!") I think it's hilarious and would appreciate it if you could do that for me. My email is kriskolstad80@hotmail.com Thank you


hey now bro!i emailed you yesterday about a fony fone call, and u said u cant figure out which fone call is it here it goes like that fone call hello al Pacino: guess who who al Pacino: guess who i dont know who al pacino: richard roma and then they go on to verbal abuse i would appriciate if u can find that and also the sound "fuck you" and "bullshitt"




hey man u have a hell of a site...ad me on myspace if you want http://www.myspace.com/stevestoll btw...keep up the good work here


hey bro your site is the bomb i just emailed you and now i just noticed that i can submit my request instantly just wana say keep the good work bro. and can u pls add that fone call with al pacino playing richard roma i would greatly appriciate that later bro


dude their was a shit load of new baba booie songs today like 4 in a row after the break... you gots to post them man later dude... hit me up on myspace.com/donley


Do you have downeater alexa baba booey song by sal? that shit was funny thx


hey man, this page is fuckin awesome. i think it just might be the handiest page on the web. anyway, is there any chance we can get nice clean, isolated versions of the "FUCK YOU!!" and "BULLSHIT!!" bela lugosi samples that fred plays all the time? i can always pull them out of the karloff prank call but i was wondering if you had any better versions of just those clips. i can't tell you how much i would love to have those on my pocketpc to play in public whenever i need to. thanks bro


My Space: firefighter188


Do you have the Mike Walker "Reach Around" song & the 2 prank calls using Mike Walker clips (the call to the redneck and the gay phone sex)


I would like the Judge Judy call...Thanks


god damn man, post the news from today with everyone making dice jokes. that shit was amazing.




man, the ronnie parody "ronnie's a four foot tall angry jew" would be fantastic, i cant recall what show its from but they usually play it whenever hes on it seems like. its a richard bit iirc


myspace.com/tntbubba, and i love what your doing with the site.


yoo add me on myspace www.myspace.com/vfbeats


yoo add me on myspace www.myspace.com/vfbeats


They only played the bababooey/billy joel song once.Please post if you can. I believe they played it the Monday after Billy Joel Played in Philadephia.ON the March 13th show. Bob


just love the page. thanks for posting this shit. myspace.com/fl0ydthebarber thats a zero btw.


gotta get more eric the midget stuff. especially when they play that earrry music in the background that shit is funny


buttcrack mountain




Great F'in site. Saved it to my fav's. Can you get the 3 final "Restless" songs from the Vinny song contest?


clips from artie in vegas would be great




Please add the "BULLSHIT" and "FUCK YOU" clips they always play during the show. I don't know how to rip them from the Karloff clip. Thanks and keep up the honest work. SIRIUS RULES!!!




I know I requested this a couple od days ago but could you please put the vagina song back up? That damn song has been stuck in my head for days now. What's worse is I cant remember all the words and I keep singing the same part over and over. If you could do this I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. -Tommy (scslacker022@hotmail.com)


please post the gay porn orji? that was played this morning (3/22) between 8:45 & 9:45. I think they were coming back from a break when they played it. Thanks!!


hey man you need to put up some of that elliot offen interview from the other day when he was talking about punching out that guy Joe Corson and he had to pay him off. This guy is an F'n nut but hes a hilarious interview Riiiiight?




the beetlejuice spelling bee stuff would be cool.


the artie vending machine song


I would love to get the sound clip of Al Pacino (I think) saying FUCK YOU, that they use for the funny phone calls. Any phony phone calls would be great. Thanks for the site!


http://www.myspace.com/11654138 not sure if that'll work, still learning.. if not, just look me up by my email: emchen7@yahoo.com i hope you're as embarassed to say you're a myspace member as I am. add me in, I love your website!! thanks for the mike walker farting, I've never laughed so hard when I heard it in my car the other day.




Put in some crazy alice clips


what about that ""FUCK YOUUU"" CLIP add me fucker myspace.com/donley


Every bababooey song and the gary and wendy the retard fight.


buttcrack mountain by sal i think it was feb 15


pat o'brien blackdog song i think it was played first day of sirius show


Can you get the Fred song? The one that is kind of a marching theme?




Hi, A couple of requests. Could you post the AIDS commercial (they play it on the show on March 21, just after the interview with the kid from Make A Wish)? Also, the Jerky Boys sound clip of, "God help us Jesus God and Baby Jesus help us," or something like that. I'm pretty sure they play that on the 20th. Thanks, this site is pure gold. Keep up the excellent work!




mike walker shitting his pants, please.


Takei and fake Arnold phonecalls, early january Buttcrack Mountain, i think 2/16/06 and the parody songs with the Pat O'Brien tapes


PlEASE any rants from Elegant Elliott Offen, or his appearnce from today 03/20/06. Thanks!!!!




can you get that song about sal they play, it goes "sals a ho, a homo"


Can A Nigga get a table dance ?!?!?


Right here Cochese3R@msn.com westcoast LA Cali Howard Stern Rocks


Could you pleeeeeeeease put the vagina song back up? Thanks!


hey man can you add the original Richard Christy phone call he made before he was ever on the show. Rememeber it was the voicemail he left for KC....Hey Kc this is Rod Stiffington from the Playgirl mansion...... Thanks dude it would make my effen day. Jeff from Philly 3/20/06


I am at myspace: http://home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user&MyToken=8fb25dc5-5d2e-4a37-b70f-1397294f5e34


Can you try and get that phone call they played on a Friday show where Elephant Boy calls the MSPCA trying to get cats which he'll obviously cook for a chinese food dish. Even just email me with it if you have it. infantalst@aol.com www.myspace.com/roryconnors


Can you get the Baba Booey Gorillaz song?


Can you play some of those bits from "this is big willy" when the girl calls some customer service rep and get transferred... Thanks!!!


great ass, fred sounds effect, that would be a great addition.


Your site rules...




Do you have the feel good inc baba booey version?


how about the vagina song???


do you have the original george takei prank call with "ricardo montalban"?




I would love to hear the Baba Booey song parody of the Gorillaz song Feel Good Inc. PLEASE PLEASE


Can you get the sound that says: "God help us Jesus, God help us baby Jesus"


www.myspace.com/jeffreyelliot6 blue iris prankcall is classic! nice job gettin it on here so quickly!!


You should put together a George Takai soundboard. I think alot of people would be able to create some realy good prank phone calls.




do you have the baba booey apology tape audio by any chance? if you do I would greatly approeciate it.




That new BlueIris call you just posted is one of the funniest goddamn things I've heard in a while. Just listening to the reactions of Howard's crew is great also. Your site here kicks ass. Matt- St.Louis


Please post the 2001 fart intro. Thanks & great site!


Hey bro, can you post any Ned calls from Bubba's show?


ahahahaha yes! thanks for posting that blue iris bit. I was gonna request it. keep it up. thanks




there's a new baba song to billy joel's downeaster alexa that was played this morning


www.myspace.com/billyhigdon i think you tried to add me yesterday but i forgot i did this shit... ill add you today buddy.




my myspace is www.myspace.com/billyhigdon


dude this site kicks ass ...i promote the shit out of you on myspace.com later dude


i know they are old, but do you have any of the Keifer Sutherland song parodies?


Can you please upload Howard's "My Niggas" parody? Thanks!


how bout the Rachel Hunter song that is great!


have a cleft pallete memorial. and you can never have enough bababooey songs.


Can you post the oooh cunty sound byte?





Hey, your site is great. I have a request: the tape of Fred The Elephant Boy singing The Name Game. It's the funniest thing I've ever heard. Thanks!

Hey Now I was wondering if you have the sound clips of George Tekai, Bill Clinton, Richard Simmons, and any of the funny ones Fred plays. This site is great man!!! Thanks.

can i have the arnold vs. sulu call please? e-mail: cdsman663@yahoo.com

request: the brokeback mountain trailer spoofs with gary and vinnie tapes and drunk artie. thanks!

just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the work you do. Funny shit.

OMG! so glad i found this site! awesome work :) requests: Takei "Oh...My...God...." and black woman "EXCUUUUUUSE ME" either way great site!

JD Calls a Toy Store (2-13-06)

hope you can get some of richard's waxing session from this morning up, hilarious! 02/13/06

wens the rachel cunter song coming?

Hi - If you have the dingleberry song that Howard played earlier this week can I get a copy? Thanks! mzza111@yahoo.com

If possible, please email me the Arnold and Sulu call if you get a chance. Your site kicks ass by the way! Considering the time you probably take doing all of this, you should get a medal :)! seagar2001@hotmail.com

any chance of getting the janis joplin, bobby mcghee baba booey song?

Excellent website! Great job on the sweet links that everyone is talking about. I hate having to explain these things to my friends who don't get the show anymore or who haven't heard Howard on terrestial in years. Thank you for compiling the best of the best. Great site!

did you get the prank call to richard simmons the other day? That shit was funny...."I wanted sausage"

Hey man, great job on the website. I wanted to put in a quick reuqest: That Washington DC preacher who talks about how lesbians are breaking up families and how anal sex, "ain't natural!" That guy is hilarious. Much thanks, keep up the excellent work!

I'm suprised you never posted one of my favorite sound bytes. It only lasts about 2 seconds. It's the gay moan Fred always plays when Howard brings up a gay topic. I hope you know which one I'm referring to. It cracks me up every time I hear it.

I love this site. Thank you for doing this. Is there anyway to the Gay Way song.

If you could get that Andy Dick song Vagina up that'd be great.

hey can i get the sulu show where the make him say all those phrases..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

On the stern show they talked abiout sal pranking richard simmons when he was on some other sirius show, and sal got into shit with sirius. do you have this call can you post it? ammar.khan@gmail.com

can you put up as much NEW ellio offen sound clips,only where he's going riiiight.. so not the old elliot offen stuff but only the new elliot where he says riiiight every 2 minutes. awesome site,, thanks dude

Can you send me the Arnold call to my email address at minazk@gmail.com Great Site! Dont ever stop doing it man.

The Vagina Song

Do you have the phone call that Sal made to Richard Simmons on some Sirus channel he was on, pretending to be a guy who lost 275 pounds.

how about the fake arnold calls to sulu?

This site rocks bro!!! Thanks for keeping it updated!

The Arnold/Takei phone call...total classic

Dude...you got to get the new version of the Backside Boys song, "Gay Way" up on the page. It is hilarious! Cant wait to hear it again. You're doing a great job with this site......

Any chance of getting some clips from the Jenna show?

Is there any way to get the Imus "Dead or Alive?" THANKS!

please post unedited karloff bit

please post the prank call that sal and richard did as gay aliens when they called riley martin. Thanks!!

pat o'brien songs please!

please post all the gay porn sounds!!!

Can you put the phony phone call of Arnold and George Takei on the site

can u plz get the new my niggas jeff in detroit

Homocop 2006

Gary the Retard vs. The Flu 2006

how about the larry fine woodstock bit with billy west.. thanks

"if there are men in my wife's room, wearing less than a FUCKING turtle neck i will come there, and i will shake your foundation, i will shake the fucking rafters, nobody will be the same!"


yo.. man got to put up the baba booie price is right and other... love it dude dvsskate

Laurence Taylor pet cemetary phony phone call

can you please post the karloff bit unedited. the original tape they used to make the phone calls

Can you put all the gay clips on here, all that shit is so funny

retarded flu????

PLEASE POST from story telling MOVIE F ME N***ER

please post all the gay porn clips!!!

i love these clips and i appreciate what you're doing here. can you please post that sound clip from that song that fred plays "can a nigga get a table dance! woooo!!!" thanks in advance

hey love the site, wish there was some more of the old bits, but i understand why not. but pleeeeeeeease put the bit when richard and sal keep putting gary the retard on hold. it is a classic!

hi! I thought Eric the actor was going to have an Idol review show tonight on Sirius? How never mentioned it? I was looking forward to the show it would be funny....what's the little fella up to anyway? I told him he should jpoin LPAS for little people and go to the convention in Florida this year and meet a little gal who would be more for him than Kellie Clarkson or any big girl.. maybe you could go there with him while he finds a girl his own size ha?

Hey man.....great site. Howard is finally free on Sirius and the stuff he has been playing the past 3 weeks just has me in stitches for 4 hours every morning. I would love to hear more George Takei stuff and also the Backside Boys uncensored songs that Howard has been re-doing the last few days. And the Rachel Hunter song parody to "Jailhouse Rock"....."she sucked a cock....she sucked Rod Stewarts cock".......fucking hilarious....please please try to get that one up. Thanks for running this site and keep up the great work! Ken in St. Louis

Ooh, Cunty!

Karlof Call (every day)

You have to get the eww cunty sound that they have been playing from Alexis Stewart this week.!!!

oooo cunty! love the board

it would be ill if you can get that phonecall when they call that carlos guy. that shit is amazing. Thanks

Holy shit the george takei clip ordering oatmeal is fucking hilarious!! Keep em coming!

fuck posting sirius shows, let those fucks without it pay. keep up the amazing site

I Went the Gay Way '06 (01-23-06)

Every Homo '06 (01-23-06)

I would love to hear the Pat O'brian parodys uncensored. I hear it on Sirius and absolutely love it. I also would like to hear the song about Robin in her meat and vegetable songs. Thanks. -P.J.

Can you post the link to the sulu vs arnold call

Hey I know it was on Sirius, but is there any way to get the Bela Lagosi from ed wood crank call to that lady, that might be the best one they did

more Baba Booey Songs

Can you post the beautiful song Howard sang about George Takei? Thanks

any chance you could post either all of or some of (the beginning of sterns first sirus show)?

Keep up w/the George Takei bits. They kick ass!!! Thank you so much!

you have to upload the carloff??? video, where howard uses that guys voice and says FUCK YOu over and over again, that was probably the funniest thing ever.

Rachel Cunter Song Parodies (01-19-06)

George Takei Orders Hot Water & Dry Oatmeal (1-18-06)

Could you post the "Sticking Things in My Twat" song parody that aired on 1/18 at about 7:20 AM

Just found your site. It fucking rocks!!! Due you have more george takei sound bites?

I'm sooo happy I found this website. Are you able to record from satellite? Thanks for the laughs. Steph

Listen, I'm Austrian, I don't give a s***. (S*** happens.)

Robin meat and vegetables song parody

great site, any chance you can email me or just put the Wendy "I want my power" phone call/voice mail back on the site? thanks for keeping me laughing even after the show is over. Brian stack1234@yahoo.com

Please post Ricardo Montobaun phoney call

The show is also replayed from 9pm - 2 or 2:30am (depending on show length) on Howard 100. These times are EST.

Tuesday or Wednesday this week the fake arnold called in and spoke with george takei and howard. Please post this bit.

hello can u send me the scott the engineer fight with baba booey? thanks, my e-mail address is cdsman663@yahoo.com

Thanks for your great site, could you possibly get the ozzy song of Pat O'Brian. Thanks

how about some of the losers songs

I was hoping you had the fake Arnold prank call with George Takei about Gay rights in California

Can you get the one where they call GAry and tell him he is being replaced and someone else wll be playing his part. A friend told me it was great but I have never heard it. Thanks!

you need some of howard's "best of" audio, such as fred doing george tikai's son.

Please post the Martin Landau as Lugosi screaming at the woman who answers the phone for Carl. Then, Landau starts screaming FUCK YOU! about Karloff. So funny

Great freakin site man!!! ive been lookin for the baker street booey song for tooooo long!!!! thanks. keep up the great work, and VIVA la REVOLUTION!!!!

Black Dawg Remix of Pat O'Brien calls thanks


Are you planning on putting up the 1st show from this morning? I taped it this morning on my S50, but am unable to dump it onto my computer.

what is eric the actor's real name and what was he in?show?

A.J. Benza vs. Donald Trump

John the Stutterer vs Yucko the Clown

Beetlejuice vs. Hank the Dwarf Thanks, Mike T

Daniel Carver clips

-Beetle and Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf arguments -more Eric the Midget prank phone calls

I can't play any of these files in iTunes. Can you help? email me at cch5767@yahoo.com

Hello, I enjoy the site. Thank you for putting up all these files. I have a few requests: - All the gay porn sounds (Oh yeah, Sweet & I got a whole wall of tricks for you) - Sal & Richards call to Riley Martin as Gay Aliens (maybe Sept or Oct '05) Thanks alot & Happy new year!!! -Dom

I was wondering if you have Fred imitating Nicole Bass...that laugh. HUHH HUHH HUHH Our boss has a laugh like that and we imitate it all the time!

I would love to hear the jackie laugh(s) from his shameless joke machine that fred plays when something bad happens in the news. jephilli@hotmail.com

I don't know how you get these clips but you are the man. I nearly puked from laughter at the new Richard Simmons clips. Matt-St.Louis artiefan29@aol.com

any more of crazy alice or erik the midget??

Do you have the Blues Traveler cover of the Beetlejuice Song? Good job with the site!

hey my sexy friend when you going to cum and see me i have been waiting a long time to get a piece of the german meat. and i want to taste it too. you need to cum and holla at ya girl soon i am getting antsy

1-1-2006 Put back the cabbie calls aol.

The beetle song is awesome!!!! Any of the the "torn" song by Ann previn?

thanks for all the hard work you've put in on your site, can i request MIke Walker "Can i get a reach around here guys" clip and the beach boys parady if possible.... thanks in advance

anything with chyna doll's song or fred making fun of her (herman munster-style) or nicole bass!!!! 12.31.05

Can you get the bit when Richard Simmons and Howard sang "Unforgettable" together and Fred kept interupting with sound bites??? Very funny

i'm gona send a file that has elliot offen when he's doing all this riiiight stuff so funny

can you put back up sal and richard vs. gary the retard part 2, its even funnier.

Try to get some wendy, gary and Danel carver stuff on

Any Mike Walker prank calls are great. If you can find any you should try and post them.

Can you please put back the bit with the Richard's soundclips taken from the latest George Takei interview when he comes out of the closet? I love when he talks about Ricardo Mantalban's grimy wang!


alos if you need the copy of the song THOSE TEETH a friend of mine wrote that ..i could get you a copy of that also let me know.... lribecchi@comcast.net thanks danny

hey..i am the guy who wrote and sang OLD BLACK OJ...i have a copy of the E show that i'm having put onto dvd..if you want a copy let me know lribecchi@comcast.net thanks danny

KC's a fag and the baker street baba booey song are histerical; also, any backside boys stuff. 12/26/05

Also, maybe you could put the "duck woman" BJ sound up. I still crack up every time I hear it.

Great site. If you could, please post the "Ah hah, whoa!" sound that Mike Walker does. I find that it comes in handy during random conversation. Thanks

Tursday Best Of, baba, my niggas song. thursday between 930-1030

Richard Simmons calls are a must have

Hi. Do you have the Richard Simmons phony phonecall to the red neck? It had Richard saying, "Where's mama?" and "My name is Cheryl" Thanks.

yo, it's shawn, ok i want the ODB, Nigga Please Phrase. get it for me, nigga

i need rosie the retard :) lol... and if you have the 2 chinese restaurants that richard connects... aslo if you have the richard simmons call where he pretends to be the long lost daughter :)

jackies interview

keep them coming..been looking for that vodka clip forever!

I'm trying to play the elliot offen eviction link and it's not working. Can you help? I heard it was really funny.

could you get up heidi cortez calling the arab guy where she asks him to suicide bomb her pussy? it was great and i wanted to play it for my girlfreind

Can you get the bit when Howard and Richard Simmons sing Unforgettable? 12/19/05

If you have the clip of Jeff the Drunk singing with Willie Nelson, that would be a great one to put up. One of my favorites of all time that will never get played over at Sirius. Thanks for putting up all these great clips. -= Paul from Jersey (on 12/19/05)

The Ba Ba Booey Songs you have are great dude! Ive been searching on the web for a while for them and could not find them until i ran into ur site! Here are my top 3 Ba Ba Booey Song requests: (1) Star Wars Imperial March (2) Baker Street (the one with the saxaphone) (3) Rocky Theme (they played it when baba f'd up sly stallones appearance)

This site is better than rejuvination.

Thanks for all this. Does anybody have the music from the show like James Taylor or the foo fighters gay dance party. yankees2005@adelphia.net

PLEASE PLEASE Re post the Richard Simmons phone calls!

dude best site up with songs.... niceeeee..... FFFIIIRRREEEEEEEEEEE

I'd like to thank you first of all, becausei have looked for some of these songs for years! Of course, if i knew how to transform it into mp3 format, id be set, but it will be worth the guess work.

Hey thanks for this great website. Just wanted to let you know that the bit-- What a Wonderful Guy - Baba, Artie, Fred and Robin singing about the King of All Media. *NEW* comes up as gaykcsongs. See Ya on SIRIUS Tom

Can you get the Star Wars Bababooey songs? Also some of the Richard Simmons soundbites and prank calls would be cool. Muscular pancakes. Great site dude. Matt-St.Louis 12/16/2005

Could you please post sal and richard's call to the chinese restaurant? Thank you

clips of Jeff the Drunk singing songs from his album

Have a good vacation. I love the bits. What type of device do you use to record the shows? And then how do you change them to MP3/WAV files? Happy Holidays Thanks Andy atw072@yahoo.com

I just heard the "what a wonderful world" parody with Baba, Artie, Fred and Robin singing about the King of All Media. Please do your best to get that sound on your great site! Thanks!

one of the best sites i have seen, keep up the good work and have a safe trip scott los angeles

December 14, 2006!!


A few weeks ago a mike walker prank call was made, they kept playing the sound of mike walker laughing. Very funny call, you should try and post it.

For the "Sounds Fred Plays" section, the clip of Howard as a kid saying, "Holy Gazooksas!" Thanks, this site is great.

can you post any of the KC gay songs? You keep us laughing in the office all the time...

can you post any of the KC gay songs? You keep us laughing in the office all the time...

Please post Joan Rivers "How sad" - Thanks!

can you post the artie grunt, where he goes "UGH, UGH, UGH!"

Great site. I love when Howard plays the best of Richard Simmons. I went on Limewire and downloaded a coupled of old performances, but O just can't get enough. When Howard played the best of Richard Simmons recentely I about died, it was so funny. Do you have access to any of these shows. Thanks. Josh in Long Beach, Ca jfkfuller@verizonmail.com

Wendy the retard pranked Riley Martin, it was on the air maybe a month ago and was one of the funniest calls I've heard. I don't know if you have access to it, but if you can you should post it.

Do you have BENJI'S prank call to HAZEL pretending to be BILL CLINTON? Please post that if you have it! Thanks.

Can you post the Mike Walker prank where he calls some guy and all they do is laugh back and forth? This was pretty recent, a few weeks ago.


Why did you remove the new Richard Simmons call? It was the funniest bit on here. Mike Paquet

Could you please post any clips from Jeff the Drunk's album they played on the air a few days ago? Absolutely hilarious.

I've got two Baba Booey songs from today's show (12/7/05). They're really short, let me know if you want them, BobTouchman1@yahoo.com

do you know when sterns O'reillly interview will be aired?

please please please post the wendy the retard song version of "you are the wind beneath my wings"

What happened to the BaBa Booey "BANANA" song? By teh way your site is the shit!

Mike Walker "Reach Around" Beach Boys song, thanks!

Do you have the Mike Walker phony call where he calls some redneck and the guy just keeps laughing the whole time? Thanks for your help.

12/05/05 do you have the clip of high pitch eric saying: I'm Kelly Clarkson?? Thanks Joe

Great site..If you have Gary the retard saying"im retarded you jerk", please post it.. 12/5/05

I'd like to request he phone call Eric made to the woman as Kelly Clarkson. I love all the new additions! Nice work man.

Supertwink Trailer & Clips

jeff the drunk "cockle doo doo bitch!"

hey..i'd really love for you to get elegant elliot offman clips..especially "RIIGHHTTT?"

Wow, what a great site you put together. Do you have the Baba Booey opera song, that was one of the funniest ones I'v heard lately, especially when Howard was playing it and talking about turing it into a real opera about Booey... please tell me you have it. Either way, thanks for the site!!!

Thanks for the george takei call I requested, u made my day. great site, keep it up! best i've seen

Great site, I'm looking for the phony phone call where they use George Takai bits to call that southern redneck, where Takai talks about the "lengthy black teenager" etc.

Scott the Engineer Push-Up Challenge

more baba booey songs, please

Jeff the Drunk duets

Janks vs Mother Angelica (Would You Spread for Bababooey?) 12/1/05

Hey awesome stuff so far! I was wondering if you could maybe get the In Memorium bumper they've been playing , the one with all of the "friends of the show" that have died over the years? Thanks!

mozzarell balls, as in mozzarella..... guess your not italian

Dude, you rock! Thanks for posting these! Joe in GA

could you put the imus dead or alive back up?

can you please add some of the sounds that fred plays regularly. thanks!

artie doing ac/dc

The two gay guys "you wanna play" then the scream "AAAAGHHHH"

U gotta put the Bababooey song to Magnum PI!

Are you able to post the Heidi to Robin call?

i believe next week is all live shows

Gilbert vs. Amy Heckerling's Driver

Do you have the Blues Traveler version of the Beatlejuice song? Great site by the way

Put the reach around round round song on here

Great site!! How about "Baker Street" booey song?

letterman was fanfuckingtastic, but this site is fantastic, but to make it fanfuckingtastic you could hook us loyal fans up with "Baba Booey Hollaback Girl" i wish you luck and your efforts are greatly appreciated, perhaps a donation could be arranged?

baba booey hollaback girl pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease we love your site!


Baba Booey Hollaback Girl PLEEEASE i was so excited when i heard you were going to add it, i know its a tough one to capture but it would be so greatly appreciated, i know your doing your best and i love your site and i honestly dont know if i can live without this clip its been stuck in my head and i need to hear it again. thank you sooooo much man and keep up the good work!



Pavarotti Orders Breakfast (Fri. 11-18-05, 9:30 AM ET)

hey whats up, im one who has to visit this site once or twice a day. i love it. this is the reason i listen to howard and why i have sirius now. i know i requested this once before but i have to request it again. elephant boy calling high pitch tellin erik that "i da new kelly clarkson"

Every Homo by the Losers. Aired in full on 11/17/2005. That would be great

please post the back side boys, every homo song, thanks

Do you have the clip where a New York Cab driver leaves a message for Stern. He used to like him but now he hates him, "lets see you really work for a living, crazy guy"? Its old.

Great job on all the bits. I do have 1 request: Scott from the Block song. It was played on the show today, 11/17/2005. Thanks and keep up the good work, especialy with the possibility that these hilarious shows will never be heard again.

please put up the bit where they call the store with artie's message that he won't make it to work that day. Im not sure what date this aired.

Do you have the Stuttering JOhn interview of Fred Gywn (Herman Munster) Howard replayed it this past Tuesday I believe thanks

The Mike Walker "Reach Around Song"!

Bring back the Kelly Clarkson and Aurora Snow bits! Also the phone sex between Howard (as Heidi Cortez) and Eric the Midget from 11.15 was amazing.

Every file opens on my Mac but George Takei vs. The Redneck. For some reason it says "channel does not support the stream." Could you double check that one? It's my favorite.

you have to post the George Takei interview from thurs 11/10. Pleeeeese. Greatest interview ever!!!!! Thanks.


Can you please add some of Fred's regular clips and effects?

Dude you gotta post Howard and Beetle going back and forth saying I love you. It was hillarious. It went on for about 10 minutes.

Don't Be Scared

the compleate george taki interview it was the greatest!!!

you have to get teh george takei song medly they played on todays show nov. 10

Sal's calls to the hospital about Tom when he was admitted

Do you have Gary singing "Fly Like an Eagle"?

I've been able to download everything you've offered... except the Takei/redneck clip. It seems like it'd be awesome!!

OMG, please post James Brown's greatest shits!!!!!

Drunken Artie in Vegas (11-07-05)

Las Vegas, Jennifer Halloway

Las Vegas Karaoke (Robin "Y'All Want a Single," Baba "One Step Closer," Howard "Stairway to Heaven")

Mike Walker Reach-Around

I think it is necessary that we all have access to ODB saying "Nigga, please". Please.

M*A*S*H Booey

Blues Traveler - This Is Beetle


Big-Nosed Retarted Bastard (Eric the Midget)

Mike Walker "Come On, Robin! You Can Do It" & "Mow That Fuzz" & "He Sure Is Cute, Guys"

Thank you for this. I LOVE the 'George Taki VS. Redneck' clip! HILARIOUS!

FYI: You have George Taki Vs. Redneck posted twice. One is 2nd from the top and the other is 14th from the bottom. The one towards the bottom is actually much better quality. Keep up the good work. Site is awesome!!

You MUST post SOMETHING Richard Christy has taped and spliced of Mike Walker's voice... his soundbytes are usually hilarious!

Howard as Batman & Robin (11-03-05)

Supertwink vs. Admiral Sulu (11-04-05)

Sounds of Kinison (11-04-05)

Can you add a section for Fred's routine popular sounds like "Oprah Winfrey, negro woman from the south", "Excuse me". Also, if you could add High Pitch Erik sounds. "Hi Mommy, are you proud of me?" "Who's High Pitch" "This is Kelly Clarkson" etc.

I think sterns dad was played on October 24

WE NEED MORE UPDATES!!! I keep hear amazing clips on the show (only 27 shows left!) and then I come here and there are none. Email me and let me know whats up. Do you need someone to help you get the stuff out of show tapes? I could help. Killerkarma@gmail.com ~Eric

please put up, prank calls with daniel carver wendy the retard and gary the retard from today

got to post george tekai saying "hoooollly Jeezzzz!" thanks - the site rocks

dude i haven't been on the site in such a long time-i forgot how much i love it.

holla back girl aired sometime late last week. i want to say thur or friday

Elegant E.O. "Right?" 11-1-05

Don't Be Scared

Eric the midget calls the pizza place

On friday the 28th, there was a prank call with yucko and gary the retard. Can you get that one?


10/31/05 do yuo have the blues traveler beetle song? and i read somewhere that shinedown did one as well. thanks! this site is great!

Can you please put some of artie imitating jeff the drunk, thanks.

george takei meets fred norris from todays show please it was hillarious

I'd love to have some of the Mike Walker phone calls and the Mike Walker Bird Dance. ( Friday Oct 21/05 ) Thanks again, Tyler


Hey man hows it going? I love the site and I think you've done a great job with everything so far. However the one thing I absolutley cant live without havin on my computer is that Baba Booey song where they parody "Hollaback Girl" that is just too goddamn funny I had it stuck in my head all day yesterday and I cant wait to hear it again so PLEASE help a brotha out. thanks so much keep up the good work. -Steve

Hey man, great site! Do you have the homosexual education clip from the 50's? The other one is the sounds of bunch of gays having sex that Fred plays a lot?

More Bababooey songs if you find any

got to post the old tape of stern and his dad in the recording studio " i told you not to be stupid you moron" & the beetle juice call when he called in to the conference call for infinity

Do you have the Baba Booey "Hollaback Girl" song? It hasn't been played that much on the show.

10/28/05 I'm looking for the clip of the horny girl calling an indian guy to order food from the chicken restaruant from the Stern show

Dude, could you please post the crank call from today with Yucko and Gary the retard. You rock!!

Riley Martin talks to the aliens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey do you collect all the sound bites from the show? i was always looking for the entries to the song parody contest that howard held last year. if you know where i can find those i would really appreciate it. you can find me on myspace at http://myspace.com/alisasuicide i'm sure that you can leave me a message there without adding me as a friend or anything. instead of a comment you justclick the send a message. oh wait sorry. just because i'm new to myspace i keep forgetting that almost everyone has used it before me. *rolls eyes at self* thanks for any infor that you can give me. alisa

How about the Yucko the Clown prank call to Gary the Retard.....aired first on 10/28 Thanks, Keep up the good work. You entertain me thoroughly

1.) Mike Walker phone call with all of that infectious laughing. 2.) Mike Walker phone call to the gay sex phone line.

im suffering update withdrawl. Lol seriously though

Please post the "i like bukkake" song. thanks dude

Riley Martin Alien Call!

Can you possibly post Howard talking about his parents while playing clips of his dad from 10/24. Keep up the great work one of the best Stern websites on the net

As many bababooey songs as possible please

more george takei? (george taki) pleeeze?? :-) excellent site! you are doing something that nobody else does. thanx!

How about Artie today singing gold digga

Thanks for the clips. How about the Wood Yi prank phone call to the mechanic.

could you please put up caseys phone call from when they played the casey songs last month, when he was arguing with tom

I love this site, how about some more of Wendy the retard clips.

The bit they did this morning (10-21-05) right before the gossip game with Mike Walker, OF Mike walker calling the gay 900 number was absolutely hilarious. The chopped up sound bytes from Mike's appearances are so funny i have to hear them again i was laughing so hard.

Can you add some of the stuff from today with Howard singing w/Stevie Wonder? Such as "My West Side Scores" to the tune of Ma Cherie Amore

please get the new mike walker call..from today oct 19, 2005

We really need Artie's story of making Dirty Work when his boos was calling him a "baby guerilla" 10/19/05 ~Eric

can you get a clip of artie immitating an Arab person and/or when they play the arab music in the background...thanks

PLEASE GET THE SOUNDS OF RICHARD SIMMONS SAYING "I WANTED A SAUSAGE" and "I love your Milky Sauce" and also the song where he sings "I wanted a Sausage" over the music of Beautiful People by marilyn manson. You are the man;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Crackhead vs. G. Gordon Liddy (Gush Katif) 10-18-05

thanks, i have been waiting for something like this. Thanks a bunch. I was wonderring if you had the old bits of artie and howard imitating GOLD DUST, (tourette's syndrome) thanks again

hi! ac/dc was on howard stern the day, (oct 13?) i thought they were great! any soundclips? how about george takei from star trek? i laughed my ass off just listening to him. :-) THANX! for a great bunch-o-stuff!! keep it coming!!

Aliens call Riley MArtin PLEASE??????????????????????

great site dude. I was wondering if you could post the "every homo" song that they did as the back side boys. Also could you post the jack and rod show where they played the "ick and ock game". Thanks man

We all want more Artie. Thats a given. Do you have the clip of him talking about how he lost his job at MadTV. It involves him punching a cop in the face. Great story. If so I'd love to be able to hear it again

You got "Wake Up BabaBooey" song parody? Thanks for doing God's work, brotha!

Please post the backside boys song, every homo. Thanks

How about the clip they always play from that movie with the mentally retarded people yelling in it. thanks, Eric 10/11

Thanks for putting up Vodka Straight Up! Love it! Plus, Richard calls Richard is mint! You rock! Next one you need is Wendy talking about her glasses. Love that she says the word "glasses" about a hundred times. Keep up the good work!

have any of the eric the midget voice mails? also anything with eric the midget and the sci fi sound effects would be funny.

do you have the song that was made from eric the midget saying "shut the fuck up"?

more eric the midget

Awesome clips! I check here almost everyday for new ones. Any chance on getting The Blues Traveller version of the beetle song up? Thanks & keep up the good work!

The "Arnold impersonator is amazing. Is there any way you could add some more clips of him? Specifically the coversation about him blowing up the moon that ended up on some TV show??? I have been sying to here that, I've never laughed so hard! thanks and keep up the good work! 10-10-05


Please post the Backside Boys song.

Hey Now! You GOTTA post Sal's call to the hospital switchboard operator when Tom Chiusano was staying there as a patient last week. If you missed it, I PROMISE YOU you'll agree it's the funniest clip ever! I believe it was played several times on Thursday's show (10-6-05) and again on Friday (10-7-05) between 8 and 9am. It's positively EVIL, it's the most insensitive thing I've ever heard from Sal and Richard! Beyond A-1 material! Also, we'd really like to have the Blues Traveler Beetlejuice rendition, I'm sure I'm not the 1st to ask for that either. Great job, man, best Stern sound-clip site on the web right now! Period.

Hey man, I love your site. I was wondering if you could track down and post the song with the lyrics "Just shake that ass bitch, and let me see what ya got!" I would appreciate it.


We need the new Richard Simmons call. Not as funny as the first, but Def. worth it. ~Eric

great website... i'm laughing my ass off. is there any way that you can get the original phone call for wendy the retard going nuts after the hurricanes (i believe that parts of the "wendy the retard part 1" are on it). this is much funnier than her call to the dwp operator. cheers, george

Great job getting these sounds! You HAVE to get the Score's chick yelling "Vodka Straight Up! Thank you!" Not sure on a specific date, but they played it heavily during September!

Could you post the Baba Booey opera?

You need the back side boys songs!!!!! Please post.

Vodka Straight up, THANK YOOOOOOOU!!! --John

artie calls in sick phoney phone call to deli

Can you put up the aliens calling Riley Martin from todays show? They were the best! Rich Laurenzano THANKS!

could you put as much of the daniel carver vs. gary the retard(i think) in the gameshow. all i remember is it was on a thurs. (pretty sure) towards beginning of this month.

do you have any George Takei from Star Trek?

great clips. Keep up the great work

back side boys "every homo". Please post that great song.

fuck off

Howard Packs His Bags

Gary the Retard vs. Special Ed

you need to add some of the jack and rod show clips

I would really like to hear some Craig Gass bits. Especially his Sam Kinison impressions. But if not available, then any other impressions will work! This is a great site, and I look forward to checking out whats new here! Thanks, Steve

Its the 28th....hope you have some new stuff soon. Didn't miss too much while you were away. Hey Now

what would be funny is if you can post clips of the dubbing of President Clintons voice about Bush, played a couple weeks ago. Those president dubs are so great

I was wondering if you had the sound-byte of Tom Brokaw accidentily calling some town in Russia Bukake. Thanks, keep up the good work.

Hey, great site. These are some of the best clips ever. One thing: I wonder if you could up up is the Wendy the Retard quote when she claims, "I feel like blowin' my mind up." Thanks a lot and keep it up.

great clips you rule. can u get the clip of "yoo-wee" prank calling and fighting with the mecanic i love that one i think its funny as hell! thanks

Please play some of the roasts from the world's meanest listener contest. I think they were in january or february of 2004. Thanks if you're able to get them!!!

Hey, PLEASE post Bluestravelers BEETLE song, along with more of Richard's paradies!!! PLEASE, your site rules!

i was hoping you could post the sound effect of the porno girl going ga ga ga ga ga, like the duck sound. the date is 9/23. thanks, Gary

Hey Man, Great site These clips are some of the best...keep 'em comin I did have a few suggestions/requests...if you have these clips, PLEASE post them: Jack Nicholson yelling at his wife to get a job from the movie Carnal Knowledge Bababooey_Prank_Call Elephant_Boy_Pranks_Hi_Pitch Gary_and_Wendy_Tampon_Prank_Call Hi_Pitch_Pranks_a_Hypnotist Hi_Pitch_Pranks_Ms_Jackson Jeff_The_Drunk_Cough_Prank Mini_Me_Prank_Call Richard_Christy_and_Sal_prank_electrician_With_Tazer_clip Richard_Christy_Gay_Prank_Call Sick_Artie_calls_deli Richard Christy Barf sound Chewing sound (Usually played when Gary or someone is eating something) George takei/ricardo montalban call I have had no luck finding these anywhere. Anything that you could offer would be extremely appreciated. Also, if you know where I might be able to find some or any of these, feel free to drop me a line: chunksloth@hotmail.com thanks a lot

"Carrie Underwood" calls Eric the Midget...from 9/14


You have to put up the sound clip of that annoying scores girl saying "Vodka, Straight Up, Thank You!"

Its Theres Some Whores In This House not hoes.

I thought George Takei was excelent! Any sound bits from him? thanx! :-)

Start Over

I love the new baba booey song that was put to the holla back girl song by gwen steffani. please put that on the site. Thanks

Please post the "Ick and Ock" game that Sal and Richard made. Thanks

do you have the crank call where some guy call george takei pretending to be ricardo moltaban? thats a really funny call

Hey, I've been trying to find the Gwen Stefani, Holla Back parody about bababooey. If you have a clip, please upload. Thanks man!

Evil Dave prank call!

do you have the prank call on the lady at the old, by a President Clinton impressionaist that has phone sex with her?

hi, could u get the abe hirshfeld ,gilbert godfried phone call ? that was funny. also i wrote a while ago i was looking for the indian song they allways play i think its beautiful ballon thanks dude awsome page!!!!!!

8/25/05-Dude I love this site. I'm continually checking it out and telling everone I know about it.

Do you have any captain janks prank calls? Those would be great to hear if you had them. Like the one where he calls rosie odonnel and says Howard says Hi Fat Pig.

gilbert/wendy the retard please!!

how bout the end of mon. or tue. show howard went into a whole list of characters pretty funny. and the retard flushing the shit down the toilet

need more booey!!! we love the booey songs!

Can you post the whole Baba Booey Opera that was on Wednesday's show? Thanks.

Please post "there's some whores in this house". Thanks. Big fan

Bababooey Rock Opera 8-24-05

more booey songs!!!! please put instructions how we can make these songs gon on our ipod, it doesnt recognize the formats

can you post up the tom sizemore sex tape they played this morning 8/24/05?

Hi buddy. I e-mailed you a request a few months ago but I never saw the upload and was curious if you had it. I wanted to hear the original clip that Fred made of Artie calling in sick. Fred did something where he overdubbed it or something with Babe Ruth's famous farewell speech. I only heard it once and it was so fucking funny. But I have not been able to find it anywhere. I would love to hear it if you have it. Thanks.

request: richard christy drunk tapes!

Do you have the classical music track with the 'babababa' sound Fred plays usually when someone like Jessica Simpson is explaining one of her movies. He had a version today with a dog barking. Thanks- great site!

There's Some Hoes in This House

Vodka, Straight-Up, Thank You! 8-22-05

This site is the best! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I have 2 requests: the "Scott!" bit that Fred plays when Howard is looking for Scott the engineer (I have a coworker named Scott). Also how about Fred's "Jack Meoffer" :) This is a super site!

Dude, I just want you to know that you ROCK! I love this site. I visit almost every day and laugh my @ss off. Thanks for posting these and keeping all of us Stern fans entertained. I was wondering if you might be able to post some of these as mp3 files. I would love to import them into iTunes so I can play them on my iPod.

Please please please post the there some whores in this house song. I can't get it out of my head great site by the way

Ben Stern Sings 8-22-05

Wood Yee!!

Your site rocks. Post all the bababooey songs.

wheres the gilbert and wendy call

I think the first time Howard played the Beetlejuice punk rock song was Monday morning...hope it helps and keep up the kick ass job!

gilbert/wendy call please!!

I would love to hear the old Vinnie tape "Oh my Debbie"

he fist played it on the 16th

where's momma?

Friday the 12th and then on Monday the 15th Howard played the Beetle punk song. Thanks! About 6:30 or 6:45 I think each time...

I think some short "work-in-progress" pieces of the new Beetlejuice "Punk Rock" song started coming out on the air the day after Staind performed, which would have been the 10th or 11th of this month. YESTERDAY, however (Aug. 17th), about 2-3 hours into the show Howard aired a fuller, more produced version of it, this would have been shortly after the Jessica Conseco interview. That's as close as I can pinpoint it working from memory. Hope that helps. Great job on the Mp3 posts, love your site, dude!

tuesday morning before first break, definitely tues. not sure bout first break

Heavy Metal Beetle

You rock. When you have time, could post the new Beetlejuice metal song? Thanks!

could you post the new beetle song(punk song)

What about the Gilbert Gottfried call to Wendy the Retard?

This stuff is great and sounds even better than when I tape it off the radio. If you have the Arab music Fred plays during Robin's News (when they're all making fun of terrorists and talking in Middle Eastern accents)please put it up. If you have the other one with the woman warbling in Hindi that would also be great.

Hey man Thanks 8/13/05

Relay call with Daniel Carver. Howard played it several times, but I'm not sure of a specific date.

Artie vs. Dina Meyer

hello, my debbie / crucial head / oh so much

[indiscernible]'s a fag!

i desperately want to make love to a schoolboy

i'm gay i'm a homo i like guys

where did the jack and rod arnold bit go???

put that arnold prank call back with jack and rod


great site bro...i love it and send everyone your way. whats happening w/ the gilbert/wendy call? thanks, steve

Staind - This Is Beetle

Gilbert vs. Abe Hirschfeld

bettle juice song with Staind

you gatto get staind beetle song 8-9-05

I missed Staind singing the Beetleguice song. I NEED TO HEAR THIS!

You gotta post the whole part from the 7/27/05 show for the biggest and hottest stern fan contest. howard was so goddamn funny in it as a gameshow host!

Obviously this is short notice, but Staind will be playing Beetle's song (aka Something Different) tomorrow (Wed, August 10). Please please post this, I'm sure its going to be nuts. Love the webpage, I've forwarded it to about 10 of my friends. Later Lenz

Hey now, I LOVE your page! I have had some awseome laughs just listening to some classic bits. Thanks for your work. I have a small request...i would LOVE to have the clip of the phony phone call that Howard has been playing the last few days (8-8-05) where the relay operator has to repeat Daniel Carver's rascist comments...this is the one where she talks about the filthy stinking mexicans and the "neeegers" HAHA! If you could get that up, I would be so appreciative. Thanks, Nathan

BABA BOOEY TAPE MAN! His sappy tape to his ex-gf .. dude the whole damn world wants to hear it. DO IT !

do you have the voice mail from when artie called out sick the second time and talked about his having the shits real bad?


dude... i just wanna say that your site kicks my ass! keep it up.

booey maguire

Gilbert & Wendy the Retard Phone Sex (8-3-05)

hey can u put up the eric the midget clip..

Please post the Sal the Stockbroker prank call to Eric the Midget from August 2nd.

Can you post the clip from Dirty Work where they call Artie a baby gorilla, that would be awesome!

Could you please post the call with Eric the midget from today's show 8/2/05. This was one of the best Eric calls ever. Thanks again for doing what you do.

Daniel Carver prank call to SIRIUS gay channel Daniel Carver Internet Relay call both from Monday 8/1

Cabbie's Farewell (Big-Hearted Fag/Howard Sings to Cabbie) 7-29-05, 8-1-05

how about wendy's version of that sex call? although it horrifies me, it is hysterical... thanks, awesome site!

crackhead bob singing van halen. please please post that!!!

hi i'm looking for the indian version of beautiful ballon they allways play thanks for any help sincerely john awsome site dude!!!!!

what about the artie pig / cocaine / mad tv story

Daniel Carver Internet Relay Call

Artie Meltdown - Artie's Going to Do Whatever the Hell Artie Wants to Do (7-27-05)

Hottest Chick / Biggest Fan Sound Effects (7-27-05)

I just heard Artie telling a story about his friend and some song that goes like dodoodoodo I really want that for my website backround if u cxould get it it would be cool, Thanks Shawn

Hi, KC called in about a month ago, and they played his funny moments, if you could get that up that would be cool, Thanks, Shawn

KC Song Parodies (7-26-05): KC's Gay, KC Ghostbusters, Richard Christy KC Songs

Hank call is great he was my favorite, any more from hank will be a nice suprise.And any KC songs. The ones he played today are classics

Great Hank clip! Could you post the Richard Simmons crank call to the chinese restaurant please? THANKS!!

gay k c songs

Some of the O.J. clips would be AWESOME! "lookout" or "I would love to"

hey, can you get the drunken mini me sound?

Awesome Site, i love it. I was hoping you could get the throat fucking sound effect fred always plays. That the best. Thanks

Wondering if you had the bum talking - can't understand what he says and they usually play it when talking about africans and jungles.

Do you have the clip of the black woman saying "Excuuuuuuse me!!??"

Shatner Sabotage/It Sickens Me

Daniel Carver Relay Call (07-22-05)

You Baby Gorilla / Baskin Robbins Down to 5 Flavors (Don Rickles in Dirty Work)

Sal & Richard Screw with Dan the Song Parody Man on the Phones (07-22-05)

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf Prank Call to Psychic (07-22-05)

G. Gordon Liddy Gush Katif Prank Call with Crackhead Bob (07-22-05)

you gotta ad this funny howard game to your site. http://promos.plugstar.com/lotart.html

Can you get the beetle juice relay call please.

Can you get the beetle juice relay call please.

see if you can get the sulu phony phone calls

Sal and Richard's phony call to the psychic featuring Hank the Dwarf clips. Aired Tuesday July 19

Any new ones coming soon?

Howard vs. Pat O'Brien at War of the Worlds premiere

On 6/15/05 Richard Christy did a Jack and Rod bit that had the Fake Arnold Schwarzenegger do an interview with an author. The author freaked out and finally hung up. Can you please put this sound clip on your website?

Love the site!...Is it possible to get the whole Wendy the retard rant? The call to the power company is very funny, but didn't her rant carry on for a while..i.e. "I feel like 'blown my mind up"

do you have the humiliating baba-booey tape where he tries to win back his ex-girlfriend and utterly humiliates himself, then stern plays "secret garden" in the background, worsening the sheer embarrassment. No one has ever been more stripped of dignity than Baba-booey with this brilliant tape. One thing no one has EVER explained is, how did the stern show get their hands on this tape??? Did his ex send it in? If not, one has to wonder if the whole thing was staged just for comedy's sake.

thanks for all these sounds... they keep me and my buddies busy all day at work. i could honostly listen to the beetle song nonstop for the rest of my life and die happy. .billy

hey bro, my yahoo email is down, so if you would like to get some videos, please email me at cousinjohn@aol.com and i will be glad to send some vids, thanks again, keep it up the funny shit

yeah bro, thanks for the seven films plug, thats hot, we appreciate it and if your into surfing films hit me up on an email and i will send you some videos, johnsevenfilms@yahoo.com.. once again, thanks

jack mehoffer sound byte, that would be awesome

the rum balls clip, thanks shawn

Jeff the Drunk song

bro, you got the funniest website up on the net, keep it up, you make us laugh in the office, thanks bro, plug my website for me so i can make so money,,,,www.seven-films.com

I’ve got a question/request GREAT SITE! I LOVE IT! Have you got a copy of the black chic that fred plays “EXUUSE MEE” Another great one! And please more Baba Boey songs! -Henri

if you can get the KC call in that would be great. I was always wondering what happened to him.

Hey, when you post again can you try to get the KC Moments? If you can that would be cool, Thanks, Shawn

baba boey songs

see if you can get the crackhead bob call from 6-30 pat from cleveland

love the jack & rod show. Love it!!!

the jack and rod show with crackhead bob and that scientist

hey great site finally funny moments caught in some sort of audio. all praise this site. however more mp3 formats for us who are'nt good with computers more mp3 format!!! great site regardless

Hey, great job on this site! I wouldn't mind hearing Wendy the Retard and Elephant Boy singing 'Getting sexed up for my Howie' (to the tune of movin on up - the Jeffersons theme...

hey whats up, once again, thanks for the site. that first relay call is so funny. i saved it. but wouldnt it be great to keep it up as a preamble to the other relay calls, so like, if we playing it for people, they will know the orgin. thats all i wanted to say.

Geroge Takei "Oh My God" 6/29/05

I just heard this call, I don't know what it was called, but Sal and Richard called a food place and asked where there food was, if you could find that, that would be great, Thanks, Shawn

I would love to hear the "Jack n Rod show" where they have the old lady guess the 3 songs, last of which is the beetlejuice song. :) Thanks isai76@gmail.com


Could you post a copy of the begining of Wednesdays 6-22-05 show. Where they send Sal into the bathroom with the spear to fish out Cabbie's poo.

name that tune featuring the beetlejuice song with jack mehoffer and rod stiffington

hey, did you happen to find the garage sale prank call? if you could get that, thanks, shawn

bro please just post the mike walker call for like a week or just like a few days ...can u send it to me @ politik492@aol.com

Lets start fresh from that Dirdy 3rd coast baby.