November 12, 2005:

We will be back on Tuesday with some George Takei shit and other stuff!!.....lets give the servers a rest!!

You can still hit me up on AIM by Clicking Here!


Lately my site has had numerous hits, its eating up my bandwidth.

As Stern himself starts to "Pack Up" Tapes.  I will slowly start to delete some of the sounds from my page.

I will Start deleting from the BOTTOM where all the old bits are.

Thank you, and its been a fun run.  Hopefully I see you guys at SIRIUS!!

You all have until January 9th, 2006.  Go to you local Circuit City TODAY!!


Howard's TV Appearances:

I have some of the dates.

Dave Letterman - Nov. 17th (CBS)

60 minutes - last week of November // first week of December (CBS)

The Daily show - Tuesday December 13 (Comedy Central)

SNL - no clue (NBC)